Word of the Day: AGGRANDIZE


verb \ə-ˈgran-ˌdīz also ˈa-grən-\

ag·gran·dized     ag·gran·diz·ing

Definition of AGGRANDIZE

transitive verb
1:  to make great or greater :  increase, enlarge <aggrandize an estate>
2:  to make appear great or greater :  praise highly
3:  to enhance the power, wealth, position, or reputation of <exploited the situation to aggrandize himself>
ag·gran·dize·ment noun
ag·gran·diz·er noun

Examples of AGGRANDIZE

  1. <a movie that aggrandizes the bad guys and makes the cops look like dopes>
  2. <a generous grant, enabling the library to significantly aggrandize its collection of books on tape>


French agrandiss-, stem of agrandir, from a- (from Latin ad-) + grandir to increase, from Latin grandire, from grandis great

First Known Use: 1634

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