Medical Quotations About Cancer and Official Treatments

B'Man's Revolt

We trust them. We get sick, or have some unexplained pain, maybe even get a bit scared 542488-cancer-1367301515-909-640x480and we go to them to “get well”. And maybe that tactic works when you are young and very strong… before the contamination takes full effect. But the more we consume the garbage considered food, or the chemically laden water from our home’s kitchen sink tap, or breathe the tainted aerosolized air (chem-trails), or contaminants from work… but after we grow older and live this life of what is surely a purposefully designed system of sickness and “sickcare”, it all makes our bodies conducive to all sorts of illness, especially cancers.

Cancers are but the body responding to these environments and after decades of “research” and $BILLIONS spent, we are still no closer to any real cures from the Medical Establishment. To the contrary, this establishment goes out of its way to vilify…

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