Word of the Day: FABRICATE


verb \ˈfa-bri-ˌkāt\

: to make or build (something)

: to create or make up (something, such as a story) in order to trick people


Full Definition of FABRICATE

transitive verb

1 a :  invent, create

  b :  to make up for the purpose of deception <accused of fabricating evidence>
2 :  construct, manufacture; specifically :  to construct from diverse and usually standardized parts
fab·ri·ca·tor noun

Examples of FABRICATE

  1. Only the largest parts were fabricated at the factory.
  2. Their plan is to fabricate the house out of synthetic materials.
  3. a story fabricated to sell magazines
  4. She was accused of fabricating data.
  5. Nick Spero has most fooled; he is a fabricator extraordinaire.
  6. That couple fabricated a story about an accident to distract from the drama they had already created about their relationship and play on people’s sympathy.


Middle English, from Latin fabricatus, past participle of fabricari, from fabrica

First Known Use: 15th century



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