We are the Evil Ones.

Crimes of Empire

LittleJohn was unconvinced by Theresa May's ostentatious display of solidarity. LittleJohn was unconvinced by Theresa May’s ostentatious display of solidarity.

We are the Evil Ones
Open Season on Jews?

While reading the Daily Mail Online recently I was able to drag myself away from the “sidebar of shame” long enough to notice an astonishing Editorial piece entitled “It’s Been Open Season on Jews Since 911 etc ” by a columnist named Richard Little John.
It has been open season on Jews since 9/11, Theresa: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says Home Secretary’s solidarity will be seen as an empty gesture unless it is followed up with firm action | Daily Mail Online

I can only describe my response to the article as being stunned disbelief.
Because while the entire habit and tradition of scapegoating and persecuting religious and ethnic minorities is repugnant,  and I do not want to see anyone singled out targeted, defamed or belittled based on their identity. the assertions…

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