Myth: Human Shield By Palestinians

The “Human Shield” propaganda is working well on the masses. I wanted to reblog this as further explanation of the absurdity of the claim. People thinking they are in the “know” are playing this exact propaganda claim on Talkshoe shows. It sickening. The claim itself makes no sense.

Discover The Truth

Nearly 2000 Palestinians, most of whom civilians, have been killed since the launch of Israel’s military campaign – ‘protective edge’. Of those 2000, 80% of them killed were innocent women and children. Israeli government’s PR (propaganda) campaign, has repeatedly pointed out that Hamas strategy of using civilians as human shields. Sadly, the first casualty of war is truth, which makes it our duty as humans to do research, so we can extricate the truth out from fabricated lies. There is no evidence of ‘human shield’ by Palestinians, it is only a claim made by Israel, yet to be proven. All countries involved in wrongful wars have made absurd similar claims, later proven to be propaganda/lies. Israel has used the ‘human shield’ claim against Gaza in 2008-09. These claims have been investigated by various reputable Human rights organisations, all of whom refuted this claim. Personally, I believe the phrase ‘Human Shield’ has…

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