Just Sayin’


I struggle at this time of year. I wish I could just smile and say Merry Christmas, but my feelings inside are conflicted. People, all people, are so astoundingly hypocritical especially in the days right before Christmas. They wish peace on earth, goodwill toward men, and bless all, BUT they are justifying torture and killing of people around the world because the MSM are saying they are Muslims.

People in this world actually believe that everyone should have religious freedom except Muslims?

The terrorist state of israel was founded and survived because of self-proclaimed terrorists. The USA is in a never ending war against terrorists … So why are we not going after those zionist -atheist – converts in israel?

I posted this comment in a chatroom today and expect the full wrath of alternative media networks and trolls alike:


I do not wonder anymore why I am banned from chatrooms. The comment above and many like it is the actual reason.

It is somewhat humorous that people believe the name calling and propaganda against chatters that get banned without cause. They believe them to be trolls without question … until it happens to them. And trust me, if you go against their meme or their “star” or if you ask too many questions, you will soon be banned. And the cyber bullying rolls on … even worse in the alternative media than in mainstream. All these sites that are intolerant of the intolerance of the intolerant are quite intolerant of criticism. And now the question lies … are these sites (such as whitaker’s”bugs swarm,” mami’s, renegade, mir, truthhertz 1&2, etc…) helping anyone? Or are they just giving cause and justification for the existence of the ADL, SPLC, and other similar organizations? Or do the ones running the sites collect a monthly stipend from such groups?

Why is it imperative for these sites to “perma-ban” and delete comments from genuine chatters interested in the issues, and not the degenerate name-callers they keep around? Why do all of these sites seem to incite racial tension as opposed to staying on track and getting to the root of the problem? I have my theories …

What are your thoughts?

Happy Winter Solstice! – WR


One thought on “Just Sayin’

  1. RJ says:

    It is a crazy, mixed up world of lying, cheating, stealing, perverted, israeli sympathizing trolls that are egotistical, self centered, uncaring and hyper actively hypocritical. You gotta wonder why folks like you are so rare. What is there….. 5 of us? This world could use a few more folks like you. Thanks for your intelligent and thought provoking rant/diatribe.

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