George Bush’s First Torture Scandal

I read a bumper sticker last night. It read:
“The US government taking our freedom … So our enemies won’t hate us.”
The terrorist state of isreal is truly evil and I believe influences every move the US makes. Saying that – the US is complicit in every crime against humanity. I hope the ICC is able to prosecute even one of these evil doers.

B'Man's Revolt

George Bush’s First Torture Scandal

 by DC Dave


George W. Bush had almost completed his first year as president when I wrote the article that is reproduced below (updated in 2007 with the long lead-off quote from Richard Wright). Most of the article is a reprint of the article from the tabloid Star written in 1999 when Bush was still the governor of Texas. If you do a Net search of the terms “Bush torture fraternity” you will see that others have also reported on the severe hazing—amounting to torture—that Bush presided over as president of Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity at Yale University, but I was the first to put the full story on the Internet.

At that time, we had invaded Afghanistan, but the revelations of the torture engaged in by our military and the CIA were yet to come. My introduction to the Star article contained some…

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