Someone Tell PCR to STFU

B'Man's Revolt

Paul Craig Roberts posts a link to the Daily Kos website under his “Guest Contribution” heading, with a single sentence:

Audio Recording of the Michael Brown Shooting Proves Darren Wilson’s Story is False

The vaunted Roberts, who prides himself on his stint working under his hero Ronald Reagan, seems to know finance (which is debatable), but when it comes to propagating the race war shit, he is beginning to sound like a white Al Sharpton.

Of course, the audio recording doesn’t come close to PCR’s ignorant claim, but when has that ever stopped him from spreading bullshit before?

I wonder if Sir Charles might teach the propagandist something?

Hell, its as if the man hasn’t read a single line from all the reports available and would rather quote a known CIA plant as his proof.

Will someone tell him to STFU?

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