by Jil Love

Published on Nov 20, 2014

Artivism Performance on Hollywood Walk of Fame November 15th 2014 by #JilLoveRevolution.…
The situation in Gaza is nothing short of a full-blown humanitarian disaster. Millions of people on the Gaza Strip go without clean water, electricity, and food daily.

Clean water is nearly impossible to find; and freezing it requires electricity, which is also hard to find there. But rubble is everywhere, and is symbolic of the struggle these innocent people are facing.

The time for increased awareness about what’s going on in Gaza is now! Here’s how and why the #RubbleBucketChallenge was started:

My desire is that all the people of Hollywood see, visualize, understands, and feel empathy and compassion for the human brothers and sister that have lost their homes, their families, their schools, their Mosques, their jobs, their human rights, their water, their electricity in #GAZA, after been attacked non stop by #Israel for 4 long weeks, with the result of 1900 victims, including almost 429 innocent children and leaving 7000 terribly injured, physical and psychological damaged.



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