Schooling zionists about myths in Gaza perpetuated by the MSM

posted on YouTube by Factivist

She also posted this **correction in the summary.

Published on Nov 19, 2014

***Correction*** Thank you to a good friend (also an anti-zionist jew!) who pointed out to me that the King David Hotel Bombing was NOT blamed on Egypt. They just straight up owned that one. There were several bombings and attacks done on theatres and libraries and other British/american owned places that WAS blamed on Egypt***

Debunking just SOME of the myths surrounding why “Operation Protective Edge” happened after getting into an argument with some Zionist IDF supporters at a local park.


11 thoughts on “Schooling zionists about myths in Gaza perpetuated by the MSM

  1. Hannah it’s nice to see that you are doing videos and you’re standing up for what is right.

    What I find interesting is you have no interest in your Jewish heritage but you are named Hannah which is based on a famous Bible name… anyway keep doing what you’re doing in exposing Israel for the evil they are doing.
    Maybe one of these days you’ll find out that the holocaust which is a big part of your Jewish background is based upon a big lie which the Jews use to persecute and kill the Palestinians. its called payback

    Jim Rizoli
    JJRIZO on YouTube
    CCFIILE. Com

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  3. What a wonderful, refreshing and inspiring video Hannah! It takes courage and a lot of chutzpah for a Jewish girl to stand up to the Zionist Beast and tear back the veil concealing its hideous visage. You did a (to use your popular expression) “fucking” great job of it. Thank you!

  4. Whitewraithe says:

    I have to commend you on your informative report which I ‘m posting at my blog. You are one courageous Jewess. Are you a dual citizen of both the US and Israel, or do you consider yourself just an American?

  5. Harry says:

    Wow what a confused and brainwashed kid. OK I looked at the first 6 minutes of this trash, and it’s got holes you could drive a train through. The goons that kidnapped and murdered the 3 Israeli hitchhikers were touted by Hamas as associates. That’s clear. Also this crime prompted an unusual manhunt throughout Greater Israel. Israel’s bombing and partial invasion of Gaza happened only AFTER the Hamas shot all kinds of missiles and mortars into Israel. THAT’s what prompted Operation protective edge. And Hamas, shooting from built up areas and using their own people as human shields are the big perpetrators of war crimes, not the Israelis who were quite reasonably defending themselves. But of course, the girl doesn’t get that part. Oh well, enjoy your new friends, maybe you’ll wake up one day to realize how hornswoggled you were.

    • Your rant here is totally who she is speaking to and maybe you should listen to the rest of the video. This “human shield” propaganda is the most used , most skewed, and absurd. Use some common sense. Think instead of regurgitate. Open your mind and listen to this woman. She is far from speaking trash.

  6. nooralhaqiqa says:

    Brave young woman speaking the truth against the tribe she is not too fond of. Well said and noteworthy. Humour works along with the horrendous facts. Reading and listening to this gives us older activists hope for the future. Thank you.

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