Word of the Day: INHERENT


adjective \in-ˈhir-ənt, –ˈher-\

: belonging to the basic nature of someone or something

Full Definition of INHERENT

:  involved in the constitution or essential character of something :  belonging by nature or habit :  intrinsic <risks inherent in the venture>
in·her·ent·ly adverb

Examples of INHERENT

  1. He has an inherent sense of fair play.
  2. <an inherent concept of justice>
  3. It is one more proof that our world has lost the kind of exquisite sensibility displayed by John Milton when he came up with his definition of poetry. He first wrote simple, sensual, and passionate, but he was bothered by the grossness inherent in sensual, and so he invented the word sensuous. —Florence King, National Review, 24 Sept. 2007

Origin of INHERENT

Latin inhaerent-, inhaerens, present participle of inhaerēre (see inhere)

First Known Use: 1581



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