That Shitty Little Country

B'Man's Revolt


Mr. Bernard followed up by saying,

“Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?”

I have never heard this quote until today and thought a tribute for the truthful commentary should be made. He caught hell, of course, from the Koshies, but at least his bosses didn’t cull him like the Jews were insisting.  It is important to note that he didn’t live but another 3 years or so (died at a young 62).

Personally, I have a tendency to call Israel that “little shithole in the desert“, but I think the sentiment is the same, right? And it is a shithole, best I can tell (and apparently many Jews agree because they want to go back to Germany… beware, that is a link to the Jewish Daily Forward).

Oh, and the fact that they permeate this place (America)…

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