Word of the Day: FACETIOUS



adjective \fə-ˈsē-shəs\

—used to describe speech that is meant to be funny but that is usually regarded as annoying, silly, or not proper

Full Definition of FACETIOUS

1 :  joking or jesting often inappropriately :  waggish <just being facetious>
2 :  meant to be humorous or funny :  not serious <a facetious remark>
fa·ce·tious·ly adverb
fa·ce·tious·ness noun

Examples of FACETIOUS

  1. <the essay is a facetious commentary on the absurdity of war as a solution for international disputes>
  2. <a facetious and tasteless remark about people in famine-stricken countries being spared the problem of overeating>
  3. Nor was Liebling seriously asserting that his facetious bit of investigation into Tin Pan Alley history constituted a refutation of Sartre’s philosophy. —Raymond Sokolov, Wayward Reporter, 1980
  4. … old ladies shrivelling to nothing in a forest of flowers and giant facetious get-well cards … —John Updike, Trust Me, 1962
  5. The portrait is good, the prose embroidered here with the facetious parlance—is that the word?—of clubs. —V. S. Pritchett, Club and Country, 1949, in A Man of Letters, 1985


Middle French facetieux, from facetie jest, from Latin facetia

First Known Use: 1599



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