MNM Reviews “Unorthodox” Judaism: Guest Post

B'Man's Revolt

I want to introduce MNM to the site. We have been sharing emails after I was approached regarding my views on Putin, Russia and the Jewish Question. It has been enlightening for me to see another as they begin to learn the truth about who actually runs this world and the taint they have given this Earth. I asked if I could share a bit of the email I was sent, as a Guest Post and was given permission, which looks at the book Unorthodox and explains the realities of the Hasidic Sect of Judaism.

Just finished a book called Unorthodox which was written by a woman who turned her back on her Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn NY. 51XkF05EpVL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Fascinating read. She was attacked by her kind all over the internet after the books release so you know a nerve was hit….Hard…

Some things I found out.

They are taught…

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