Jews Are Booted Again. This Time It’s a Guatemalan Village.

Thanks for sharing this. All the world should take note of this. I wish we had the will to preserve our culture. Not perpetuate the degeneracy that is becoming socially accepted.

The White Tea Room

An “austere” sect of Jews, the Lev Tahor, were just firmly asked to leave San Juan La Laguna, a small Guatemalan village.

The Jewish media is kvetching like this is another Shoah, of course. The Jews are saying they were “threatened with lynching” if they didn’t leave. But the town Elders had a different take:

“Meanwhile, the village elders said the Jewish members “wanted to impose their religion” and were undermining the Catholic faith that was predominant in San Juan La Laguna.”

Uh-oh. Jews moving in to a place, and then telling every-one else what to do, to accommodate them? Naaah. That never happens.

“We act in self-defence and to respect our rights as indigenous people. The (Guatemalan) constitution protects us because we need to conserve and preserve our culture,” Miguel Vasquez, a spokesman for the elders council, said.”

Good for them! I wish my countrymen and women were as…

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