My Article on “Israel Changing Bar Code” – I retract, for now, But PLEASE don’t use the real one!

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

Bt_sRh3CQAAOrNhThis is a Dutch bar-code, Israel were selling items with this Bar Code

Before I admit I am wrong, or was given bad information or shared information that is confusing me even now. I need people to know I am just a non-religious Scottish lad who is disabled. I am human. I care, I will always care. I have done thousands of blogs and this one I guess I got wrong. But I will not stop blogging how wrong this is. People are coming at me hard using this blog to justify this below, so we can’t all be wrong.. Right? Nobody own’s the moral high ground, we are ALL wrong, listen to my Audio blog below

8188435244_9f6c029b2e_c-448x301Barcode or no barcode I will never stop showing this to the world

I did this blog here  I had researched this to DEATH for almost 2 days before  published. I…

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