Word of the Day: ENERVATE


adjective \i-ˈnər-vət\

Definition of ENERVATE

:  lacking physical, mental, or moral vigor :  enervated

First Known Use of ENERVATE



verb \ˈe-nər-ˌvāt\

: to make (someone or something) very weak or tired

en·er·vat·ed  en·er·vat·ing

Full Definition of ENERVATE

transitive verb
1:  to reduce the mental or moral vigor of
2:  to lessen the vitality or strength of
en·er·vat·ing·ly adverb
en·er·va·tion noun

Examples of ENERVATE

  1. <a lifetime of working in dreary jobs had enervated his very soul>
  2. <the surgery really enervated me for weeks afterwards>

Origin of ENERVATE

Latin enervatus, past participle of enervare, from e- + nervus sinew — more at nerve

First Known Use: 1605


transitive verb \ˈen-ər-ˌvāt\   (Medical Dictionary)


Medical Definition of ENERVATE

1obsolete : to cut the nerves or tendons of
2: to lessen the vitality or strength of <heat enervates people>
en·er·va·tion noun



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