Word of the Day: ARROGATE


verb \-ˌgāt\

: to take or claim (something, such as a right or a privilege) in a way that is not fair or legal

ar·ro·gat·ed   ar·ro·gat·ing

Full Definition of ARROGATE

transitive verb
1a :  to claim or seize without justification

 b :  to make undue claims to having :  assume
2:  to claim on behalf of another :  ascribe
ar·ro·ga·tion noun

Examples of ARROGATE

  1. They’ve arrogated to themselves the power to change the rules arbitrarily.
  2. She arrogated the leadership role to herself.

Origin of ARROGATE

Latin arrogatus, past participle of arrogare, from ad- + rogare to ask — more at right

First Known Use: 1537

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