Word of the Day: Opprobrium

Inspired by a post on B’Man’s Revolt by DCDave I read yesterday – Thank you – WR


noun \-brē-əm\

: very strong disapproval or criticism of a person or thing especially by a large number of people

Full Definition of OPPROBRIUM

1:  something that brings disgrace
2a :  public disgrace or ill fame that follows from conduct considered grossly wrong or vicious

 b :  contempt, reproach

Examples of OPPROBRIUM

  1. They’re going ahead with the plan despite public opprobrium.
  2. <saw no reason why secretary should suddenly become a term of opprobrium among the politically correct>


Latin, from opprobrare to reproach, from ob in the way of + probrum reproach; akin to Latin pro forward and to Latin ferre to carry, bring — more at ob-, for, bear

First Known Use: 1656

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