Word of the Day: Obey


verb \ō-ˈbā, ə-\

: to do what someone tells you to do or what a rule, law, etc., says you must do

obeyed  obey·ing
This is an easy, common word, but just a reminder, and the synonyms are telling of how  people are coerced into obeying by using other related terms – WR

Full Definition of OBEY

transitive verb
1:  to follow the commands or guidance of
2:  to conform to or comply with <obey an order> <falling objects obey the laws of physics>
intransitive verb
:  to behave obediently
obey·er noun

Examples of OBEY

  1. His dog has learned to obey several commands.
  2. He always obeys his parents.
  3. The children must obey the rules.
  4. The children must learn to obey.

Origin of OBEY

Middle English obeien, from Anglo-French obeir, from Latin oboedire, from ob- toward + -oedire (akin to audire to hear) — more at ob-, audible

First Known Use: 14th century

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