Mom Beats The Devil

The White Tea Room

This story has been overlooked, in the daily onslaught of horror, as we watch our Civilization implode. I wanted to cite this one little story, because [it] reveals that resistance is anything but futile. I don’t want to be Dorothy Downer all day long, or Samantha Snark all night. I want to be Helen Helpful, and Wendy Winner. I want us all to be Winners. Just like Christy Duffy.

Christy Duffy, of Lansing, MI went to a doctor’s office in Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. Her 17-year-old daughter needed to have her foot checked out. Mrs Lansing was met with a sign, posted prominently displayed, at the receptionist’s window, stating “new laws” “require a nurse to have a short 5-minute private conversation with your child.”


Mrs. Lansing was shocked and outraged at this usurpation of parental rights. She immediately, viscerally, refused to be suckered. She refused to have her Natural…

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One thought on “Mom Beats The Devil

  1. Thank you Denise – I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing people stand up for themselves. Especially concerning their child’s well-being and their right to raise that child without being circumvented by any form of bureaucracy.

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