The End of Women?

The CBC released a documentary in 2011 called “The End of Men.” The premise of the documentary was to illustrate the point that women make up over 50% in the workforce, as well as in University enrollment.

However, after watching this government sponsored male attack piece I came away with a different idea. Could what we are seeing be not the end of men. But rather, the end of women?

Since the 1960’s there has been an assault on essentially everything feminine. Whether it is society prying mothers from their children, getting women to join men in the rat race, or promoting women in our armed forces and encouraging them into joining combat sports.

With these new apparent social norms, one may think that we would see a substantial amount of female heads of households. What we are seeing, is much more older single women. Women may like the idea of being a careerist, but they are not as friendly to the idea of making more money then their husbands.

It would be easy (as a man) to sit back and blame women for these current trends. But what has really allowed for these trends to worsen is male apathy.

Nowadays it seems as if a lot of men have accepted these new realities, and instead of trying to become better and stronger men. They have decided not only to give up, but to simply not even try.

Today, the majority of males are far too focused on video games, fantasy sports, and getting baked in their basement to even make an honest attempt at self improvement.

As a man, I realize that women have certain standards and expectations for me and men in general to be good boyfriends/husbands, and fathers to their children. For me, giving up is simply not an option. In fact, as a man I do relish in proving myself to women.

At the end of the day, society will continue to move forward. Work will still need to get done. So it is up to men if they choose to move forward and do the work. Or if they are indeed satisfied with seeing the end of women.

Written by : EnragedEric



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