President-elect Poroshenko, will he Man-Up for Ukranians?

Written by EnragedEric

With the recent presidential elections in Ukraine, a couple things are clear. The majority of Ukrainians do not want to isolate themselves from Moscow. As well, they do not want the current Military operation in the Donbas to continue.

With all that, the Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko (the billionaire chocolate king) is saying all the right things. He claims he wants to reach out to Moscow and the People in Donbas and to end the current military operation in Donbas.

However, if the recent attacks on the International Airports in Donets’k and Slavyans’k the day after the election are any indication, they may have put Poroshenko’s words into serious doubts, (or whether or not he is even the one calling the shots)

One thing is clear, if Poroshenko wants to maintain a united Ukraine, he must take leadership and end the current military operation against his own people in Donbas. Putting an end to the casualties would be a first step to show the people in Donbas and throughout Ukraine that Poroshenko is committed to a Ukraine that includes allowing the people in Donbas to retain their culture, language and self determination.

Poroshenko could also drum up more goodwill among the people in Donbas if he was to decentralize many of Kyiv’s powers; as well as, to ensure in the Ukrainian constitution that the Russian Language will be an official language not only in Donbas, but in Kyiv as well.

The fact is the Ukrainian people do wish to have closer ties with western Europe. At the same time, Ukrainians feel that closer ties with Western Europe and having a strong and prosperous relationship with Moscow and Donbas are not mutually exclusive.

It is now up to Poroshenko to deliver what the people of Ukraine elected him to do. Only time will tell if that happens.


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