US Ambassador: US Opposes Any Attempt To Upgrade Palestinians At UN

IAAE - Samantha Power

No person of conscience can truly observe what’s happening to the Palestinians and still support Israel.

Why Israel Opposes Official Recognition of Palestine as a UN Member?

When Palestine is a full UN member – they will have rights they do not presently have.  Michael Oren – former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. – summarized it best when he said this today HERE:

Speaking to Israeli TV Channel 10, Oren said: “Palestinians turning to UN institutions potentially exposes Israel to massive sanctions and Tel Aviv has to deal with all these threats seriously.”

Bottom line – being a member of the UN is both the peaceful way forward and it will allow Palestinians the ability to push sanctions and hold Israel accountable for war crimes at the Hague.  And unlike – the various UN resolutions that Israel ignores or have been vetoed by the United States on the UN Security Council … the United States will have no legal authority or leverage to block these moves.

And that should REALLY concern Israel because they have decades worth of war crimes to be held accountable for in the International Criminal Courts.


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