Steve-o, out on Bail.


We remain committed to working with our allies to preserve and promote a free, democratic and peaceful world, and will take further actions if Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity continues to be threatened,” Stephen Harper (Canadian Prime Minister) said.

Not true Mr.Harper. You are not promoting a free, peaceful and democratic world. Otherwise you would not prop up a Coup imposed government, that insists on stripping its citizen of their language, customs and ethnicity. The more this clown talks about the situation in Ukraine the more I wonder if the world will still hold Canada as a nation that values peace, and democracy. Instead of trying to mend fences between the people of the Donbas (Southeast Ukraine) and Western Ukraine. Mr. Harper fuel the flames of hatred and ignorance, and at the same time ruins the already tarnished reputation of this once great nation of, Canada.


Supporting the Right Sector…

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