Dick of the Week

Thoughts from EnragedEric …


With my first ever selection for Dick of the week, I select: Adam Silver.


I understand that Mr. Silver is just looking out for business interests of the NBA, However. To give a life time ban to Donald Sterling and make him sell his team because of things he was alleged to have said in an illegally recorded conversationwith a vindictive ex- girlfriend is quite concerning.

Firstly, He is being accused of being racist. Mr. Sterling may have some ideas that many may find to be a slippery slope, but does Mr Sterling not employ many african-american young men? making them exceedingly wealthy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams? Why yes he does. Does Mr. Sterling also have (or had) a girlfriend of a mixed racial identity?  Why yes again. The NAACP even went as far as to give Mr. Sterling an award for promoting civil rights! So to claim Mr. Sterling…

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