The Scam Extorting Money from EVERONE’s Wallet

Everyone must eat to survive. Most of us must rely on grocery stores to provide that food. If you know how jews are extorting your money every time you pay for items at the grocery store this page will not bring much new information to light for you. If not, maybe this information will be enough to move you to look into it further.
With people having less money available for food, everyone should reject this extortion from your wallet. Jews claim that they make up less than 2 percent of the total world population. If this is indeed the case, then why is everybody subject to kosher tax? Does this kosher tax even exist?


If you have seen any products in the store with a circle U or a circle K or many other symbols that are pictured above, you are being subjected to this extortion of your funds. It is not a secret; they are doing it right in the open, and not telling anyone.


The great defense of the tax is that companies apply for kosher certification, and the cost of the certification is miniscule per product. If it was only a miniscule amount, then why would they need it at all? If you’re not a jew why should you have to pay it? With the rising cost of food, everyone should be privy to any amount that increases their cost. If the tax did not matter to the jew, then eliminating it would not hurt them at all either.


The anti-defamation league successfully divert public knowledge by dismissing the kosher tax as a “propaganda hoax” by right wing fanatics to encourage antisemitic beliefs, because there are almost no publicly-available facts to prove otherwise. We do not know how miniscule the tax actually is, because they will not provide information to show how much money the rabbis actually receive from this kosher tax. Isn’t even one cent too much if you’re not a jew?


So why is it that the system exists, and why would companies choose to participate? The jews claim it is a harmless practice that benefits the companies by expanding the market of the product to the jewish population. However, with the jewish population counting for such a small percentage of the world population the impact would be virtually unmentionable anyway. Yet every product is kosher, and we must all pay for it. The idea that we, non-jews, must pay extra to eat food that is fit for jews is ridiculous, and yet impossible to avoid, because of kosher taxes everywhere: on foods, on plastic items, sponges and even dish soap (to name a few).


Another message that the media tries to portray about the jewish tax is that: when manufacturers pay rabbis in exchange for permission to stamp a jew seal on a food product that it makes the overall cost of the product less. Paying for a fake service would actually decrease the cost of manufacturing it. These people think we are really that stupid. Even if we assume that people actively seek out  kosher certified products, remember that there are also more people, who given any reasonable alternative, that would avoid them.


If you asked most people: customers, grocery store cashiers, managers, delivery personnel, waitresses, or anyone in a food or beverage service industry, most will not know what the kosher seal even is. If it is a harmless marking on a package, if it is such a miniscule amount, if it does not affect any monetary funds, why not let it be publicly known?


This jew scam is affecting everyone. I do not know how to change it, but for right now avoiding kosher tax symbols on food items bought at least allows for some peace of mind. Exposing the scam to the world might help provoke world wide change which is most definitely needed.

To learn more:
Absurd denials of the tax:
Other claims about kosher tax from manufacturers:

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