A Successful and Needed Grassroots Campaign : B4 faxes, email, & internet

Phyllis Schlafly
              As a woman, I feel society makes it damn near impossible not be a hypocrite. As an intelligent woman, (yes, that’s debatable) I recognize this and try everyday not to be one. I believe women today need to be able to look to role models that are not militant, egalitarian, and most definitely not gynarchists (mostly women should avoid exhibiting traits of traditional, communal feminists.) One woman comes to mind who should be researched by women today if not familiar with her work, cultural advocacy, and home-life. She was described by Christina Hoff Sommers in Freedom Feminism: Its Surprising History and Why It Matters Today [2013] as the maternal feminist par excellence. This woman would be Phyllis Schlafly.
               Maternal feminists have always insisted free women seldom aspire to be just like men. Rather maternal feminists, feel that men and women are different but equal. They are traditionalists (socially and culturally, but not by feminists’ perspective,) and feel that family is that center core value. While their counterparts, egalitarian feminists believe that men and women are essentially identical. They have a secular, universalist, and progressive view of the world as a whole. Egalitarian feminist view women as independent agents rather than wives and mothers and aim to liberate them. Maternal feminists by contrast with traditionalists are family centered and embrace rather than reject women’s roles as homemakers, caregivers, and providers of domestic tranquility. They have promoted women’s rights by finding and strengthening and expanding these familial roles.
                Just as the Equal Rights Amendment’s (ERA) ratification seemed inevitable, Phyllis Schlafly practically single-handedly stopped the ratification. Even more importantly is how unnecessary the Equal Rights Amendment is and was. She pointed out the fact that we do not need a law to make all people more free. Freedom is just that. It is unnecessary to make a law that guarantees someone freedom from domestic abuse, freedom to have equal pay, freedom to be educated in a system which is based on opportunities. Born in 1924, Phyllis Schlafly was able to put herself through college working in a munitions factory working 48 hours a week, obtained a master’s degree in political science from Radcliffe, and get a law degree. She did all this while also becoming a wife and having six children. Schlafly recognized that most of the laws that treated men and women differently had already been stricken from the books, and the ERA would be destructive if it passed. She noted many times that she had benefited from these reforms as all women had.

Schlafly organized one of the most successful grassroots campaign in American history. In a world without faxes, emails, or the internet;  she made a case via the telephone, speeches, and her monthly newsletter “The Phyllis Schlafly Report“. At her own expense, she printed and distributed a NOW manifesto entitled “Revolution:Tomorrow is NOW” so readers could learn what the organization stood for in its own words. Once the hard egalitarian goals of the ERA were unmasked, the constitutional amendment was doomed to fail.


“Schlafly explained that the amendment was about not women’s rights, but imposing an eccentric agenda on an unsuspecting nation … [It] not only denigrated housewives, but it could also be used to require state-funded abortion, as well as the elimination of all forms of so-called gender “segregation” such as mother-son picnics and single-sex schools … young women would be subject to the military draft.” (Sommers 2013)
                   The jewish women’s archive states that Phyllis Schlafly should not be included as a Groundbreaker among Real Groundbreakers in the fight for women’s rights. They misinterpret her advocacy and her actions and see her as a proponent to woman’s rights. Sonya Pressman Fuentes the president of NOW is petitioning PBS and AOL (creators of makers.com) to have Phyllis Schlafly removed from the designation of Groundbreakers in women’s rights on makers.com. The jewish women’s archive is also perpetuating and continuing false accounts of Phyllis Schlafly’s advocacy and her actual beliefs as far as women are concerned and their important role in the family and society. This is another insidious attempt to destroy traditional families, values, and culture. It seemingly plays into the androgynous society the jews are pushing. Now that is something to fight against. (Almost sounds like societal genocide.)
For more information on Phyllis Schlafly go to:
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2 thoughts on “A Successful and Needed Grassroots Campaign : B4 faxes, email, & internet

  1. trannyh8r says:

    Well done. I think that we must differentiate between legitimate women’s right issues, and nut job jewish feminutz

    • Women have been quite successful in their effort without new laws restricting more rights or expanding the bloated government. Women can “be everything” now. They just have to try and not rely on the government to hand it to them.

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