A Public Statement to dick picnic (k)

WOW this movement gets better and better. I had no idea my life was so interesting. I’m not a celebrity. I have no show, no platform, and no voice. until now…

Being dragged through the mud when you are a celebrity must suck. I’m not one. I know I could never compete with bread and circuses celebrity status. He’s such an awesome interviewer. All of those hard hitting questions. If I had a show, I would like to roll over to every guest I had on as well. I would flip flop, kiss ass, and avoid any question that might raise an eyebrow. I’ve learned that real questions, analytical questions, are really only seen as attacks. I’ve learned from listening to his shows brown nosing is the only way to do an interview.

Now Mami’s and outside radio must be thrilled to have a guy there that has no respect for women, actually it looks like he hates women all together, due to his following of trannies since 2009.


dick picnic’k’

Hail the almighty nick!!!!!!!!
What a man you are …
A real protector of women. I know I feel so safe with you telling my location on a daily basis in public chatrooms, and dragging my home life into it as well.
Why would anyone allow you to co-host a show when you can’t even and won’t even protect your own visitors? Oh I know, because you are a pussy and you fight dirty. You’re no man. You have yet to face anyone on any conflict. You hide in chatrooms where your alleged enemy is banned and can’t respond. Currently you’re the biggest brown nosing, kiss ass with a media outlet out there. What’s going to happen to you when Zap can’t get you any interviews ?

Your infamy will proceed you. Your reputation for double crossing people will be known. You are far more nefarious than anybody you’ve ever spoken about. The fact that you share personal information about not only me but people gracing you with their presence and their time will be known. Nick you copy and pasted personal, private information from individuals into group Skype calls. These are individuals that trusted you with information. These are people that you were interviewing. Some Aryan man you are. I would be so bold as to say you are not Aryan at all by your actions.

Please tell me what have I ever said about you in a public forum? What happened to your ancestry? What happened to OMERTA? What about the five words? How about “I would rather be judged on my own personal merits and actions …” (circus maximus public statement 04/07/2014)?

Let’s look at your actions, and let the public be the judge:

  1. You impudently requested moderator status at Mami’s. This is incredulous and quite frankly bad form nick.
  2. Your insolence awarded you a weekly show on outside radio.
  3. You flattered and kowtowed your way onto renegade after doing less than stellar shows.
  4. You became a sycophant in renegade’s chatroom after fawning all over khunt and ujg. Meanwhile, you used your ties at Mami’s with administrators and moderators to bolster yourself and extract information, which you proceeded to put out for all of the public. HOORAY!!!! OMERTA!!!!!!
  5. You set up a Flickr account in 2009. you posted 3 nude selfies and followed trannies. (see the above pic)
  6. You made claims that you were a victim  of infiltrators and collaborators. When? How so? Not when you had a visitor from Austin, you have no show then. Nothing to infiltrate, you are not a victim… but you play one on alternative radio. Are you a jew … signs are pointing that way?
  7. You lie constantly to give yourself credibility, the most jewy strategy of all. When did you ever leave to attend work matters when you had a visitor? How was your Yahoo account ever compromised?
  8. Your statement claimed “peculiar events and a shift in people’s behavior” after your visitor departed. BRAVO!!!! More bread and circuses… now how about facts? evidence? proof? What event? What shift? Prove yourself and prove your claims, accusations, and innuendos. As a matter fact, everything you have ever said is now discredited by your multiple lies. No one, especially your fans or audience, should have to sift through your bullshit and lies to find any shred of truth in your rhetoric.
  9. You have claimed your awful naked selfies were put on the internet without your permission. Who did this to you in 2009? Must be the same Nico Suave that used your face as well to get dates at online dating sites. The degeneracy just continues to pile up.
  10. You lied again when you said that you would never align yourself with another radio network. After a one week hiatus you have yet again aligned yourself with outside radio.

I will refrain from mentioning all the insidious and treacherous lies that you told about me. They do not need to be included in this list. I’m not ignorant to the fact that these would be my words against yours. You seem to be ignorant to that fact though. It becomes clear to me that the multitude of lies that you’ve told about me can only just be a small portion of the lies which you tell daily. I’m sure others have some GRAND stories to tell as well.

You stated that flip floppers and instigators should be our main concern. I don’t disagree with this, but I’d like to add liars and degenerates. You seem to fit the bill in all of those categories.

One more thing I have to say concerning you, nick, is that it’s sad that I can never turn to Mami’s again for any information. Mami’s and outside radio make me sick because they support a degenerate like you. I would rather spend more time doing independent research then rely on a source of information from people that would support a lowlife like you.


8 thoughts on “A Public Statement to dick picnic (k)

  1. trannyh8r says:

    I think you may have bigger balls then Nick. I hope he did not get you into cross-dressing, or any other sick twisted activities he likely engages in.

    • Thank you. Too bad people (mostly men I believe) don’t believe they should hold these wannabe “radio personalities” accountable for their actions. They say the MSM is evil; well these same people should pay attention to those they listen to. This dysfunctionality is in their own back yards.

    • I wish that degenerate would own up to what he’s done. Crazy how these “men” at mami’s protect him and all his lies. Thank you for verifying my statement through others he betrayed.

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