Wendy comes out …


Circus Maximus returns: Nick (breadandcircus) is back from a mere one week hiatus. He posed some questions and made some accusations in his statement and comments to his own statement that I feel should be addressed. And being the object of some of those that were made, I would like to make my own statement.


Bread n circus posted (4/7/2014 @ 4:36am in comments to his own statement) –

Interesting enough, I got an apology via text message from my visitor from Austin the day after all of this happened to me.

Maybe Gingers do have souls after all.”

I’m going on record here and saying I have never apologize to him and have no reason to do so.

The statement he gave was full of accusations, innuendos, and fabrications. He sadly answered nothing. Non-responsive rhetoric is a pretty jewy trick to appease. Or shall we say Nick just simply used the ancient art of bread and circuses like a pro. [Bread and circuses defined: (American Heritage Dictionary 4th edition 2000) Offerings … intended to placate discontent or distract attention from a policy or situation.]

Let’s continue with another comment Bread made in the comment section of his statement on April 7, 2012 @ 4:36 am.
“How would any of you feel if people posted your naked photo all over the internet without your permission? How would you handle that?”

If this was an event that happened to Nick then I guess that situation would need to be addressed, but that is not the case. He stated himself, ” Some even asked why I would even have a naked photo of myself in the first place. The answer to that question is; women sometimes require seeing the goods prior to meeting when connecting on internet dating sites.”

This statement disputes any thought that he was unaware of his unfortunate nakedness being on the public internet since he created the flicker account in 2009 with four photos (3 nude selfies) and no parental control filter.

Lugh also presents an irrefutable fact in his comment on April 7th 2014 at 1:19 p.m.,
“…if it was fake it wouldn’t be taken down immediately. If it was still up, we would probably be able to see it was created before you tried to use chatroom drama and plane tickets to try to get laid (with people who are banned from here and can’t even defend themselves).”

The contradictions, fabrications and insinuations that are amassed throughout his statement are set up to confuse and distract (again bread and circuses.)

He asks what is degenerate in regards to posting naked pictures online on a dating site in one paragraph, but in the previous paragraph he stated that his yahoo account had been compromised. He also stated that his pictures had been posted unknowingly all over the internet. His entire audience should be insulted by these statements and offended that he has tried to use such novice manipulation tactics.

As far as who would find this degenerate? How about your children, your ex wife, your mother, grandmother, how about everybody in your family for that matter. I know for a fact, I never required to see “the goods” before agreeing to any date. Had I known this Flickr account existed, I never would have agreed to visit. Your lack of modesty and no remorse shows your own degeneracy. Do you really proudly look at yourself in the mirror everyday?

Don’t put out information you can’t defend. You set up the account, you decided to follow transsexuals in 2009, you used me to gain notoriety as a straight white man. HILARIOUS.

Thank y’all for your time and reading this. I apologize for the personal nature this statement required. And Nick since you are such a dumb-ass and can’t reconcile this in your head… the hairdryer wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and I wanted to get the fuck away from you. You bringing it up constantly is sad. Get over it, yourself, and be a man. Quit blaming me. I did none of this.



5 thoughts on “Wendy comes out …

  1. trannyh8r says:

    I think your response was right on. These keyboard warriors need to start trolling the proper people. I just hope this was a learning experience.

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